Electronic Document Submission For Communication

Electronic Document Submission For Communication

To be able to improve our solution, the Department is applying electronic document submission for correspondence. Regular and correspondence that is ongoing be submitted towards the designated Department receiver through e-mail.

Pawnshops / Title Pawn

The Department of Banking and Finance WILL NOT license or have jurisdiction over pawnbrokers or pawn deals. The after information is for informational purposes simply to direct consumers to your appropriate agency for resolving their problem or problem.


As given to in Georgia law, municipal authorities may license pawnbrokers, define their abilities and privileges by ordinance, enforce fees upon them, revoke their licenses, and do exercises such supervision that is general will make sure reasonable working between your pawnbroker along with his clients. The municipal authority responsible for licensing and monitoring pawnshops will be the local police department or online bad credit wv sheriff’s office in most cases.


As defined in Georgia legislation, a “pawnbroker” means anyone involved in entire or in component in the industry of lending cash on the protection of pledged products, or perhaps in the business enterprise of purchasing concrete individual home in the condition so it could be redeemed or repurchased by the vendor for a set price within a fixed duration of the time, or in the business enterprise of buying tangible individual home from people or sources apart from manufacturers or licensed dealers as an element of or in combination aided by the business tasks described in this paragraph. Continue reading “Electronic Document Submission For Communication”